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Are you looking for a safe cure for male pattern baldness that is proven effective to stop male pattern baldness ? But wait, are not all treatments and medications marketed to cure baldness designed to stop male pattern baldness ? No, not at all; in fact, this is definitely where all consumers are mistaken, declared Dr. Paul McAndrews, an expert and reviewer at Here the expert dishes out two of
Merrillan WI 54754 the proven safe and effective treatments for male pattern baldness.


Finasteride , also known as the generic name for famous brands Propecia and Proscar, was originally designed to treat patients diagnosed with enlarged prostate glands. In 1997, Finasteride was approved by the FDA as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia, a medical term referring to male pattern baldness. Propecia, on the other hand, is known as the very first drug that had been Merrillan WI 54754 proven effective to treat the aforementioned type of alopecia in men who had the condition.

Minoxidil is the first drug ever approved by FDA to treat hair loss. While Rogaine is taken orally, researches that had Minoxidil extracted in liquid form had positive result in terms of growing hair back, especially those on balding areas. While But how effective is Minoxidil as a cure for baldness ? Experts say that Minoxidil has
Merrillan WI 54754 no effect on the body’s hormonal process – a criterion that point whether or not the drug’s effect can lead to a permanent result.

How Effective are Treatments for Baldness Really

Their level of effectiveness is highly dependent on their stage of intervention. It is, therefore, important that men must immediately consult with their dermatologists, and doctors if they are taking any medications, as soon as they experience hair loss, declares McAndrews, an Merrillan WI 54754 expert at

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